Queen n Ivy

A Dream to Promise
November 6, 2010, 4:32 pm
Filed under: Song

Here’s a little verse I put together inspired by SMG’s Dru B Shinin called I promise


Yes he’s got a dream of making it on top

Yes he’s making it, its clear across the block.

People across the street

YES! YES! They’re watching him

Doing great things he feels they’re jealousy

Eyes staring down like 1, 2, 3 kaboom, explosion

When things get bad, you’re terrified, I’m here for you baby

Forget about the pills,

Forget about the drugs,

Put those aside instead here’s a shoulder you can lean on anytime.

Seriously though, I promise.



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wow this is good, man…

Comment by dru b shinin

thank you!! I was listening to the song and I just started writing. Great job on it!

Comment by Queen n Ivy

This is really great Ms Reyes. Seriously…I promise.

Comment by Ike

Thank you!

Comment by Queen n Ivy

Very nice, thanks for sharing!

Comment by Alan

Nice job, it’s great to see Dru’s words inspiring others!

Comment by Shark

Also, nice choice of pics for your banner, Poison Ivy rules!

Comment by Shark

Yea she really does..she’s my favorite!

Comment by Queen n Ivy

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