Queen n Ivy

December 22, 2010, 4:07 pm
Filed under: Poetry

Rodney wrote me a response to Just Breathe..how very sweet:)

Check it out!!

As my eyes close and I begin to dream
My brain always thinks of the same ol thing
“Nieves is the best!” is what my brain claims
In my world you’ve already achieved some levels of fame
Because you shine like a star, you’re my celebrity
You can’t be touched, you do things so incredibly
different from the others, with you there isn’t another
You are my heart so I know I’m tougher
I feel your love from the look in your eyes
You always do great things so I’m no longer surprised
Nieves you have that hot love and I love the way it burns me
Your is the greatest, it’ll last for an eternity
Your passion is strong and it truly runs deep
You can have my soul baby it’s yours to keep
Baabe you are smoking and flaming, you’re on fire
Only you can take me up here so take me higher!

You said my aura penetrates your skin
Well your love penetrates mine through thick and thin
Baby you are my heart, you are my soul
Without you I wouldn’t know which way to go

I Love you Rodney Crowley!!


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