Queen n Ivy

Mark It Down!
December 25, 2010, 5:02 pm
Filed under: Po-rap, Poetry

I shake off this rain

There will be no pain

Will I go insane if I grab you this chain?

Twirl it around like a merry-go-round

Up to your neck it will leave you bloodbound

With all that blood it will leave you astound

Yes, bitch, I’ll leave you uncrowned

Two thumbs up I just made a touchdown

You better recognize I just made a markdown

A markdown on me,

A markdown on you,

A markdown on history

Now let me see you chew

Up these words, just swallow it whole

Baby I’m in the back of your throat

Choke, Choke I want to see you choke

Relax, deary, it was just a little joke

It seems to me like you just awoke,

‘Cuz for a sec I thought I heard you croak

Ribbit, ribbit why are you so timid

There’s no need for we ain’t hardly finished

Oooo honey I see a little blemish

Not on your face, it’s all in the base

in the tone of your voice

I think its time that we all just rejoice.

~Queen n Ivy~


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Ooh, I really like this! Slightly different than your other stuff, so harsh and intense. I like.

Comment by thepilogue

thanks epilogue! do you have a twitter or a facebook?

Comment by Queen n Ivy

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