Queen n Ivy

January 9, 2011, 7:59 pm
Filed under: Poetry

Debilitated, though I stroke my ballpoint
My eyes discharge leaving nothing but sorrows;
This is it. My life. Suffocation; break-point.
Deterioration of the flesh. Ashes sing.
Every speck of dust is what I’ve come to trust
Is there any way to drain me of my misery?
“I hope the exit is joyful-and I hope never to return”,
Frida Kahlo expresses in her words;
Death is not my concern.


I welcome death with open arms
Release me from this ache I feel inside.
They say a heart that aches is simply a mistake
Tell me, how far will it have to break until
My insanity and anatomy decide to wake?


Isolation, corruption,
A missing piece of a puzzle
It all seems to be a consumption
Mentally and physically
As I hang from this noose
I have nothing to lose.
Do not cut me down
I have nothing to lose.



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WOW this is really deep! you have a very unique way with words. I’m loving it, feel free to send me more pieces! ❤

Comment by Knoxie-TY

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