Queen n Ivy

Dreaming BIG
July 6, 2011, 1:53 am
Filed under: Po-rap, Poetry

Whatever happened to the life I’ve envisioned,

Selling my art, is kinda like witchcraft and wizards

With, a spell or two, maybe I’ll buy a car or two

Maybe one day I’ll get my mom out of a debt or two

People may say dreamin’ big is only but a dream,

Money and power all comes with a fee,

Imma pay that fee even if I sell my shit for free

I’m broke as fuck, but Imma keep pushing hard

Me and my notebook is all it’ll end up to be

Guess what! One out of ten notice good poetry

It’s what I’ve calculated since people started noticing

An ordinary girl born and raised in Queens, New York

in ’06 moved to Fort Worth.

No one knows the hell I’ve been through.

It’s about time to set hell loose.



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I like this poem because: a) I am dreaming big as well and b) your style is cool.
I usually read and write poetry written the, umm, common way. Complex words and all that.
It’s my first to read a poem like yours! ❤

Btw, found you through Promising Poets' Poetry Cafe. 🙂

Comment by Jess Fuentes

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