Queen n Ivy

I need…
January 9, 2012, 7:47 pm
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I need a car.
I need a paying job.
I need this economy to get better. I need patience.
I need God.
I need health care.
I need people to stop being a**holes.
I need my life to get back together.
I need clothes.
I need groceries.
I need the world hunger to fade away.
I need people to not kill one another.
I need no war.
I need happiness.
I need people to notice good poetry.
I need strength and courage.
I need someone to protect my heart.
I need someone I can press my lips on; I need love.
I need men to act like men.
I need men to respect the good women; vice versa.
I need everyone to get along.
I need the streets Devil free.
I need my life to get back to reality, cuz this right here… is a catastrophe.
~Queen n Ivy~


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No, no, no… The Beatles said all you need is love. 🙂

Comment by Eric

Indeed…more God, less evil. All kinds of love. Your mind has hope many others have lost it seems. Many think losing that hope is called growing up. You hang on to that mamas.

Comment by Pharaohcious ジエィソン

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