Queen n Ivy

My Introduction
December 9, 2010, 5:18 am
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I created a term called po-rap. Po-rap in my definition, is a poem that also be considered kind of as a rap. It can be as long as the writer wants it to be. I actually have been writing a lot of lot of these lately.

I call this one “My Introduction“. Check it out!!

I feel as if I need to introduce myself

Sometimes I feel a cage match going down my mind

Take a peek intensively, Yeah

You know you can’t compare with me

Sorry if I come off a little cocky

Like I told Alan, I’ll be writing for eternity

Yeah that’s me. You dare to disagree?

Dru Imma show them. Now count to three.

Vwala,  I’m back.

I ain’t going anywhere.

What I told you?

You need me for your health

I got the I.V.  that will make you go insane.

Take a sip of this, now you better be prepared

Come a little closer and I’ll tell you what’s my name.

~Queen n Ivy~