Queen n Ivy

The missing Frame
January 28, 2013, 7:17 pm
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A missing Frame formulates the link between reality and fantasy

….It’s crazy how the world turns to ash huh…

Welcome to the World of stupidity and bullshit-ity.

Where clowns roam the streets, the hills, and the country.

Where sharks devour the innocent souls whose loved and lost.

The rest of us abandoned…stranded for dogs.

A never ending battle between fear and regret…

When will this end?

The missing Frame.

I’ll pretend its there when food’s astray.

I’ll pretend it’ll save me through the worst yet to come;

I’m only 22 you see.

I know, I know, some have it worst, But this is the reason I write, you see?

For feelings this deep there must be light, there must be some hope.

Some day I’ll learn to live without the missing Frame.

-Queen n Ivy-