Queen n Ivy

I need…
January 9, 2012, 7:47 pm
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I need a car.
I need a paying job.
I need this economy to get better. I need patience.
I need God.
I need health care.
I need people to stop being a**holes.
I need my life to get back together.
I need clothes.
I need groceries.
I need the world hunger to fade away.
I need people to not kill one another.
I need no war.
I need happiness.
I need people to notice good poetry.
I need strength and courage.
I need someone to protect my heart.
I need someone I can press my lips on; I need love.
I need men to act like men.
I need men to respect the good women; vice versa.
I need everyone to get along.
I need the streets Devil free.
I need my life to get back to reality, cuz this right here… is a catastrophe.
~Queen n Ivy~