Queen n Ivy

People like me…
August 16, 2011, 11:45 pm
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Needles confine me in solitude as I visit God one more time.
“Everything has fallen through, it’s part of the plan”
With respect my High Almighty, but when will the real plan start?

It’s people like me who cry at night
Begging for guidance in search of light
It’s people like me who get trashed everyday
Tryna make a living through words, through my poetry
It’s people like me who try to make a difference
Give them that culture shock the one everyone’s been missing
It’s people like me who places they’re hands on their heart…
…is it beating?…good.
This for those who appreciates a written verse
Who’d cross a bridge just to get they’re voice heard
Pushin’ wheels later have a smoke
I don’t smoke I push a pen and pad instead
Man I gotta stress it
Writing is my hobby, my man, my  everything
I dare you to take that away from me.